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The topic of the pay discrepancy between NBA and WNBA players has been coursing through Twitter lately, so I thought it merited some words. I think the biggest thing that bothers me about the whole debate is the “logic” that’s being used by a lot of people. There is certainly a fair argument about how the NBA generates much more revenue than the WNBA, and that’s why WNBA players make so much less.

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileThe cover of Rolling Stone magazine: the ultimate pop culture symbol that “you’ve made it.” Bands that have graced its cover have come and gone, but the institution of the RS cover, and the magazine itself, is still relevant.The issue of RS that comes out today is pretty big on Cancon.Yes, Bieber’s on the cover, though it appears the magazine is backing down from comments it earlier attributed to him on abortion, a cheap shot not worthy of the magazine.Another, less obvious Canadian act also makes an appearance in this week’s issue: Saskatoon’s The Sheepdogs, an indie band that’s one of 16 acts vying for the chance to play the Bonnaroo music festival, and yes, be on the cover of the Rolling Stone’s August issue.There’s something about the combination of these two: the most ubiquitous celebrity on the planet, and a band even Canadian hipsters would have a hard time naming, that has for me provided RS’s magic formula for decades.My own relationship with the magazine began in early to mid ’90s. I was a teenager: intense, gangly, and new to Canada. The time was grunge, the fashion was bad, and the bands were publicity shy and not prone to pull quote worthy statements (at least until Courtney Love arrived to the scene).

Nike Pegasus on myskin laadukkaamman oloinen. Brooks on kyttnyt jotenkin halvempia perusratkaisuja, mik nkyy yksityiskohdissa esimerkiksi siin, ett iltiss oleva logo on tarramainen ja kuluu pois. Muutenkin lhelt katsottuna Pegasukset nyttvt paremmilta.

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