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You dread that 3 mile run more and more with each passing day, knowing it will feel harder and harder. My advice? Stop overthinking it, and just go for it. Take that first step. Listen, people are either Christian or they are not. They have either fulfilled the requirements of Romans 10:9 (by making Jesus Christ their Savior and Lord) or they have not. Christianity is not a religion or a catch phrase to describe “good people”.

FILE In this July 24, 2005 file photo, Lance Armstrong wears a Nike logo on his jersey prior to the start of the 21st and final stage of the Tour de france cycling race, between Corbeil Essonnes, south of Paris, and the French capital. Armstrong stepped down as chairman of his Livestrong cancer fighting charity and Nike severed ties with him as fallout from the doping scandal swirling around the famed cyclist escalated Wednesday, Oct. 17, 2012.

“Empathy feeling the suffering of other people is fatiguing. It leads to burnout. It leads to withdrawal,” Bloom says. To borrow a timely euphemism, athletes “transgress” so often that when it comes time to calculate the damage, the candor of the confession usually trumps the severity of the sin. Tiger Woods shanked his apology, waiting several excruciating days to state that he had “let his family down” and was “far short of perfect.” Alleged mistresses are popping up to dish details of late night trysts, fans are aghast and the pitchfork wielding pundits are bloodying their former hero with barely concealed glee. But instead of demonizing a star who was worshipped by millions, it’s worth pausing to consider why so many people feel let down by his behavior..

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That why MovNat fans are hoping to bring it back, and along with it, a more practical perspective on why we should be fit. Devotees bill it as a paleo fitness, functional movement system and followers believe being ready doesn mean washboard abs, but rather being capable of rolling, crawling and sprinting across the sand to dive into raging waters to save a struggling swimmer. Seriously..

Lepiej biec wolniej, ni za szybko. I stara ale bardzo wana zasada. Na pocztku biec powoli i trzyma si grupy. So we asked elite female athletes to weigh in on the ad, and their responses were eye opening.RELATED: “Isn’t It Time We Told Her She’s Pretty Brilliant Too?””I think it’s a very powerful video. I’ve written about the internal conflicts of being a female athlete. These seemingly harmless words continue to prevent girls from developing the indomitable confidence many of us have been lucky enough to protect or restore.

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