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Without net neutrality, ISPs also could start charging companies for what amounts to fast lanes on the internet. Arguably, these “fast lanes” already exist for biggies like Google, Facebook and Netflix, as a Wired article points out. However, companies without such fast lanes could find themselves forced to pay ISPs, so that customers aren’t frustrated by long buffering sequences before, say, a video will begin to play.

High tech fairy tales sometimes reflect the happy drama of ones we hear as children. Evil stepmothers are replaced by overreaching companies and poison apples take shape as cumbersome applications. But there are lovely maidens and dashing princes as well whose goodness is captured in a wonderful product experience.

Grocery stores, Means says, respond to consumer needs. For example, as shoppers grew busier, grocery stores introduced salad bars with produce requiring less at home preparation. Similarly, bags of pre washed lettuce and plastic containers of pre cut celery began populating shelves.

Cut to the bottom line it not about words, it about actions. But he still left the big question mark of when he would return (to golf). We had an apology but as golfers we almost still back at square one, said six time major tournament winner Nick Faldo of Britain..

The other key to a healthy diet is variety. It’s easy to get caught up in the details the nutritional value of specific healthy whole foods, and exactly how much you need of each. But Gidus and Kaiser say the best advice is to relax and just eat a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

I think generally the best app for that stuff is myfitnesspal. I was using it last year along with lifting to try and beef up, but I just lost interest after missing a weekend. Typical of me lol. With the tip credit laws already in place, if any tipped worker whose salary was below the $12.50/hr minimum wage didn’t make at least that in their salary plus tips, the business was required to make up the difference. Initiative 77 seems like it just wiped out the tipped credit law, and now forces the businesses to pay the $12.50/hr minimum, regardless of the workers tipped income. This is definitely an added expense to the business and the most likely scenario for making up for these expenses is to pass it on to the consumers.

The real problem, and this is a fun one to say to a Christian (as a fellow Christian) and watch them squirm, is to say to them: “You made an idol out of the Bible, and you made an idol out of your interpretations of it, which have been up for debate for thousands of years. Claiming to know what explicitly meant is to deny thousands of years of Christian theology and debate. It is pride.

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