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R/gadgets may also have strong anti spam measures with their AutoModerator configuration as the topic would naturally be a spam magnet. Their rules also decreases activity. For example, if they allowed images and videos, the subreddit would likely be much more active.

Still, while locally cultivated talent is cheaper in theory, not everybody gets the equation right all the time. French club Paris Saint Germain sold home grown striker Nicolas Anelka to English side Arsenal for about $700,000 three years ago. Now, PSG has brought Anelka home for $34 million.

He idles into a hidden cove, where six of us will crush a lunch that includes mouthwatering poisson cru (lime cured ahi in coconut milk). Plucking at the uke, our boatman announces the obvious: “Beautiful day!”5. ON THE WATER: OUT OF THIN AIREight Tahitian angels known as les Gauguines tiare flowers in their hair, pareos around their waists sweep into the lounge to sing, dance, and dispense good cheer.

Like most sports leagues, the bulk of the NFL’s money comes from TV contracts, but the merchandising doesn’t hurt. Last year, the San Francisco 49ers sold the most team gear. Then rookie Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III had the best selling individual jersey, and broke the record for most jerseys sold in a single season..

Market indices are shown in real time, except for the DJIA, which is delayed by two minutes. All times are ET. Disclaimer. The look of disbelief on his face told the truth of that remark. It told of a man who was genuinely struggling to process what he had just achieved. “It’s unbelievable,” he kept repeating.

Support for raising prisoners’ wages has come from an unexpected source: prison administrators themselves. Corrections profession since 1870 passed a resolution calling for repeal of the 13th Amendment’s exclusion clause. The association decried “the historical applicability of slavery and involuntary servitude as acceptable punishment for those convicted of crimes.” If the people who run our prisons think it’s time to give prisoners a raise, perhaps it’s an idea whose time has come..

So we are a smallish startup, despite what most people think we are totally separate from Cards Against Humanity, so we have to fund every move with sales. We haven signed any distribution deals because you only get about 5% of each sale if you partner with big companies, so in order to go international we need to pay for everything ourselves. We do have good partners for international shipping, and we did fulfill UK backers for the kickstarter, but if we want to sell in Europe we need to get enough cash together to print a huge shipment and ship them over.

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