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In his book Travels to Discover the Sources of the Nile he attacks and attempts to discredit Father Lobo account by declaring that the falls were 40 feet high, not 50 as Lobo claimed. (In fact, they are 150 feet high.) He also asserted that one could not sit under the falls as Lobo claimed he did. (You can in the dry season, which is when Lobo was there.) Going only by the two descriptions, one might think neither of the two explorers had visited Tisisat Falls, or at best that they had been in two different places.

I personally own a black handle Babolat clamp and two Alpha clamps, one wide one which looks like the one they currently sell, and one narrow one that they sell as part of a stringing kit. Of the three, the Babolat one is definitely the easiest to use and the most effective. The springs feel a bit lighter on the Babolat compared to the Alphas; I guess it has better diamond dusting on the clamp jaws such that it does not require as much pressure to grip the string, which is a bonus for less string damage..

You really have to look twice to see where the raglan sleeves start and the torso ends. Also, the swoosh is barely visible, which was probably not intended. The same is not true for the federation crest, but then, this jersey would work even better without any of these.

With all those jobs to be done, our kidneys deserve attention and care. The National Kidney and Transplant Institute has reported that Kidney Failure is the 7th leading cause of death among Filipinos and close to an estimate of 30,000 40,000 patients yearly undergo dialysis. Kidney disease often cannot be cured, but fortunately, it can be prevented early by taking care of our urinary tract.

We all know how critical having an effective social media strategy is to grow our business. It not enough to simply post content to these platforms, you must also engage with your target audiences in real time while they are giving buying signals. Tools like Send Social Media can help with this tasks as you can monitor keyword phrases like pet and respond immediately.

Ok, I don’t mean abandon your shopping cart in real life. I’m in the field of e commerce, and one thing that I’ve learned is that when you put a product in your shopping cart, it launches a campaign on most reputable sites. Suddenly, they will do anything to make sure you buy what they’re selling.

The rotten apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. The Founding Fockers and their brethren were too lazy to do the work themselves, and so they had to enslave Indigenous and African people for nearly 400 years to do the work for them. That’s pretty damn lazy!Americans are even too lazy to cook their own food.

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