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Cassey Ho, creator of Pop Pilates, just released an activewear collection called Bodypop. Ho was involved in the process from start to finish she actually sketched and fit tested each of the pieces. The line is a mix between high fashion and practical think peplum and bold prints.While the clothing line is to die for, we couldn’t stop watching the music video that accompanied the launch.

For those who believe life is more than a beating heart or coherent mind, Dr Kevorkian is not a hero. Whatever his intentions good and/or bad his ultimate contribution will be giving people no hope, only death. Love is sacrifice, an action to care for others.

My hatred for the Mets was largely based on their Moneyball approach in the mid 2000s, throwing tons of money at players like Pedro, Johan Santana, Carlos Beltran, K Rod, etc. I mean, the Mets and Phillies have rarely been good at the same time apart from a few years recently, so my hatred dwindled. The current team is built on young pitching talent, and none of the players are really detestable..

Now, lets get this straight, I don ever plan on running in these, and in fact, I hate running (I more into interval training). For me, the VaporMax are lifestyle shoes. Oh, they are designed for running, but personally, I using them for casual wear.

Europeans apparently like drinks (except for coffee) served at room temperature. Bacharach hosts the inevitable souvenir shops but mingled in between, authentic German eateries, clothing shops and pubs are plentiful. An atmosphere of a bygone medieval era is ever present..

The fifth annual Worcester: The City that Reads book drive hopes to collect 25,000 books that will be donated to schools and local organizations. Gently used or new books will be collected through May 15, 2011. Keep an eye out for collection sites in the city of Worcester.

As the popularity of competitive running increases, more people are doing it later in life, too. Before us weren doing this, says O weren running over 10 miles a day into their 60s. O says there is no definite age cutoff at which running is no longer good for you, but curbing it with age may be a good idea.

That night, Kenworthy went to a party in Aspen and turned down a model who had hit on him. Are you, gay? his friend Justin Dorey, a former pro skier, remembers asking him. Kenworthy replied, am. Snagged a copy of Kanye last track on the album, Winter Supposedly this song speaks about Kanye mom, and is the only song on the album about his mom. If you expecting the same old Kanye, then think again. This is a whole new, emotion filled Kanye; a completely different approach to music from Kanye side.

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