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The 20 players marked in orange have extremely low win share rates given how many seasons they played (with a minimum of three seasons). We’re ranking exactly how far they are below expectations using a value called a z score. You can read a more detailed explanation of how this works in the footnotes..

This Rip Van Winkle aspect to the story is also a common feature of modern UFO abduction cases where there has been missing time. Also like the stories of meetings with aliens, it is said that the girl had encountered a tall white clothed being who took her through a cave into a garden where there were more entities of his type. After she had spent a short time with them the girl was led back to the ravine..

Before anyone declares the Badgers Big Ten West champs, they first must navigate an improving division. Northwestern has won 10 games in two of the past three seasons. Iowa, with veteran coach Kirk Ferentz, was a win away from the College Football Playoff in 2015.

In the photos, which Kylie first shared yesterday via Instagram and Twitter, the reality star and mini mogul is rocking a killer matching blue sports bra and leggings. (Matching workout sets are totally a thing.) However, it’s the sneakers that are the unofficial star: Meet the Puma Fierce, which drops April 1. The shoe, much like the athleisure trend, is designed to mix function and fashion, so not only can it be used in cross training workouts, but can also be worn to brunch with the girls or a casual date night.

When looking around at the world in which we live, it is very obvious that there are major problems with these seven sins. When thinking about these vices, they are all intensely personal in nature, for they emanate from the mind and heart of a person and deal with what are known as “character issues”. In other words, these particular vices do not effect others; they pertain only to the individual person..

Be a good experience to go through such a crazy event with my family, says Kim. At the same time, I very worried, it the freaking Olympics. I want to do really good. We all been there, held hostage by a trickle of Internet bandwidth while a massive app tries to update itself. Previously you had to dive deep into the App Store to put that download on hold. With 3D Touch, pausing a download is as easily as prodding the app icon.

The long awaited Static Fire of SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket has been declared a success by SpaceX founder Elon Musk. After this successful test, the first launch of the Falcon Heavy is imminent, with Musk saying in a Tweet, Heavy hold down firing this morning was good. Generated quite a thunderhead of steam.

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