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Bit ofa busy day today in the sporting world. There’s the cars, doing their driving thing at the British Grand Prix where, one imagines, some cars will drive around Silverstone really, really fast. That sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Then there’s the tennis down at Wimbledon, south London, where Kyle Edmund will be flying the flag as the lone Englishman in the men’s singles and will today face Novak Djokovic of Serbia.

I’m always gonna go for looks, even though I can’t stand superficial relationships of any kind; there has to be a real deep connection there. But I also kinda need to look at my girl and know that other guys turn around to look at her, try to get her attention but they don’t have a chance because she’s with me. (Edit: this is worded a litte strongly, it comes down to this: I think she’s attractive, seeing other people think the same is a validation of my opinion/ego and that feels nice, don’t deny it).

I was so shocked. I could not fathom the prospect of getting married, when I was still agonizing over my non existent first kiss. Meanwhile, the wheels of the Girl Effect were churning in my mom’s mind.. No mundo dos famosos e populares sapatos Adidas um nome comum. Voc pode obter todos os tipos de sapatos da Adidas e desnecessrio dizer sobre a qualidade e os sapatos valem as acusaes dos sapatos. Voc vai ter total conforto e seus ps como o toque de acalmar das sapatas..

There nothing to be afraid of. It like when the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage and Utah and Alabama freaked out prophesying the end of times, when we had gay unions for over a decade, and cars weren driving off the road. (Dear Mormons, there is no war on the family, there were no Nephites.

Does that have any value? Well, it certainly made me happy when I saw The Sports Forecaster pegged Jesse Puljujarvi as scoring 26 goals and 48 points this year. I a fan because hockey entertains me, thrills me, distracts me from life larger challenges, and gives me a sense that some small thing in this world might just be a better in the future. If that some small thing is Puljujarvi, a personal favourite, developing into a useful NHLer, maybe that not much but the thought of it still makes me smile..

I get the signal and it has stopped raining so I try to start the car and it wouldn because the battery had died on me. Well fuck, because I as useless as they come when the subject matter is cars and anything to do with them. So i went inside the gas station and asked the cashier if anyone had some cables and could help me jump start my car.

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