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Then, out of the blue, I hook onto a fish! Yes, fish! Fish on, well done. It’s exactly what we’re after a Golden Perch. This is my first fish that I’ve caught in a competition very proud. When you look at others in detailed, they have the personal advertisements so that singles look at and for look at. You want that the people look at you as you look at them, then you must create a personal advertisement. At all events, the research of the males or the single females on line is a piece of cake.

Last night Mike and I built a fire, poured a glass of Beaujolais (two, actually), started the Charlie Brown Christmas music, decorated the tree, and then just sat and looked at it all. We thought about doing it on Monday, but realized we be doing it with Monday Night Football in the background. Hardly the tradition we were looking to create.

A dangerous one. A gunslinger.”He has plenty of stuff to think about,” Eddie said quietly. “He’s been through a lot. You might be traveling there for any purpose, flights to Lagos are regularly operating from worldwide destinations and the city would never let any one go without revering it. The city is offering great lodging facilities to its guests from budget accommodation to five star luxurious hotels. You can reserve a best lodging for you while booking your flights to Lagos with KLM as early booking is much better than bearing any hassle after reaching the city..

Der Redshifted Pink Mini Max. Well, it like this no, the details are boring, but let just say due to oddball circumstances I ended up getting a set of Der Pink Mini Max decals from Excelsior. And I thinking I use them, but that I redshift it: put in an 18 mm motor mount..

If you are forty years old, then that four decades of negative defaults that you must reprogram! It not easy to do. It doesn happen overnight, and it usually doesn happen by reading one book. You must invest in personal success habits on a daily basis that break through those defaults that were cemented in your childhood..

1 point submitted 11 days agoi don know what i talking about at all but it seems that regulations and red tape make it extremely difficult for anyone except an established restaurant group with lots of capital to open a new restaurant (in addition to the fact that carts are just straight up illegal here)on milwaukee in logan square, there was this kombucha place that closed, and now the space is occupied by a smoothie place that seems to just be a one woman operation. When i was in there i was thinking “how are you here? how did you pull this off?” 271 points submitted 12 days agothe bus is $2.50 and you pay right when you step on, next to the driver. The driver can give you change so come with two $1s and two quarters.when you on there there gonna be audio announcements telling what stop is next.

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