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They damage control fittings and not spoken in the phonetic alphabet. Zebra is going to be the most secure, where every hatch, door, valve, deck drain and whatever is secured (closed) and X ray will be your most lax, usually set when in home port. Modified Zebra is for normal underway steaming where hatches above the water line are raised.

Is likeness essential to portraiture? The works in this section, spanning the past one hundred years, ask this question as they pursue alternate means for capturing an individual’s personality, values, and experiences. Often, the presence of the individual or his or her character is implied through objects and symbols that resonate with hidden meaning. Gerald Murphy’s Cocktail (1927), a bold, Jazz Age still life suggests a uniquely autobiographical approach: the accoutrements of a typical 1920s bar tray were based on Murphy’s memory of his father’s bar accessories and the cigar box cover shows a robed woman surrounded by items that allude to Murphy himself, including a boat (he was an avid sailor) and an artist’s palette.

Mulling spices can be enjoyed in red wine, as well. For Mulled Red Wine, warm 4 cups wine (don’t go with the expensive stuff) over low heat. Add 1/4 cup granulated sugar, 4 sticks of cinnamon, 12 whole cloves, and 1/2 teaspoon ground allspice. “It’s not how long you’re there,” Rose’s trainer has said of the workouts. “It’s what you do when you’re there. The morning is much more intense.

He was an emergency worker too, with tools to unlock the car. The man went outside with his equipment and unlocked the car, to the mother’s great delight. She thanked him and drove off, before the emergency workers arrived, without even knowing why the man came to her rescue..

Today marks the official launch of Tory Sport the performance activewear line from Tory Burch, which includes clothing, bags, shoes, and accessories for running, studio, tennis, golf, and swim, as well as pieces for all your to and from workout needs. While the design is everything you’d expect from the Forbes estimated $3 billion retail empire, don’t expect pieces that merely look good. From the rashguards to the tennis dresses to neoprene coats and skirts, each item is designed with performance first.

At work my department manages three environments: Production, PreProd, and MainTest. Setting up for an environment can take over five minutes of connecting applications to endpoints and logging in with 2factor. Trying to keep three sets of applications straight on a single desktop having 2 monitors is a nightmare.

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