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My generation grew up using phones as kids, and then texting and instant messaging arrived and changed the way we talk to each other. Pretty much every modern company tries to accommodate this, from online pizza delivery to dealing with bills through an app. I moved apartments recently and didn have to call a single utility or service provider, I was able to handle it all online.

The premise: recently discovered footage of a 1939 test group reacting to the Judy Garland classic. The Christopher Guest Players including Guest, Eugene Levy, Catherine O’Hara, Fred Willard, Jennifer Coolidge and Bob Balaban (aka the wonderfully ridiculous crew from films like Best in Show and For Your Consideration) gave the Oscars a refreshing dash of absurdist humour with their bizarre observations, from disliking the annoying Dorothy character and “that Rainbow song” to the fervent enthusiasm for flying monkeys. I’m going to watch it again!Of course, you may have enjoyed other moments.

Participating in the Olympics is also more of a hassle for the NHL than for other professional sports leagues. In the last few competitions, the NHL took a three week break in its season to accommodate the athletes choosing to compete for their countries. Other professional sports leagues like the National Basketball Association do not have to make the same break in a season, since Olympic basketball events are in the off season in the summer..

This whole damn process has cost the American people millions. Bond first trial cost taxpayers an estimated $6 million and that doesn include grand jury and appeals. But Gerald Poindexter can afford to transport Vick? BULLSHIT!. Adults can point out techniques people use to navigate different social interactions. For example, they can note that it’s helpful to listen to a conversation before interjecting. They also can engage in role playing when kids are unsure how to resolve a conflict.

He just got paid 15 mil/yr and he’s on the Suns with no chance of playoffs. He’s not going to be playing intense defense, and he will probably concede minutes to both Jackson and Bridges by the end of the year.Suns defense is going to be putrid man, don’t kid yourself. Best case scenario they have a bottom 10 defense.

I wasn’t sure if I should call the police I wasn’t physically hurt and worried they would think I was making a big deal out of nothing. But then it occurred to me that he could do the same thing to another woman out running, which is sadly the harsh truth about running safety for women. I made the call and, sure enough, there were similar reports from other women in my area who’d been groped by a teen on a bike.

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