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Clearly this isn levying war against the US. I beleive “adhering to their enemies” in this case means traveling with an enemy military while they are taking action against the US. I not sure if it might technically be giving aid and comfort if the collusion also involved Trump providing something to Russia in return..

You chose wisely: you were in a relationship with someone who had the strength of character to figure out that it was over, and let you go rather than manufacture a fight, continue to hurt you, or make up some BS reason. Have confidence in your own judgement and yourself. The breakup hurts like hell and honestly, you may look back on it the rest of your life, but you are still the same person who made a good choice and can do it again..

PS. The best advice I ever gotten about investing was to never follow “tips” and never buy anything I don know anything about. Like some obscure energy company from Texas, or a biotech with a drug that “going to cure cancer”. Muggle Born: Family unlikely to be affected by turbulent wizarding world. Get to reclaim the word You are likely to be discriminated against, particularly by members of Slytherin House. You were raised by your parents in the muggle world.

Tournaments in which he is playing sell twice as many tickets as those in which he is not. His gallery at last week’s Masters dwarfed every other golfer’s. Spectators are drawn to him because of both the blood (Asian, African, American Indian) and the ice water in his veins.

After eclipsing the opposition by more than 20 seconds, he stayed late in the Mercedes motorhome for his post race debrief, appraising his engineers of every tiny detail that needed fixing. If this level of perfectionism can be sustained throughout F1’s European summer, his rivals should be worried indeed. After each of his previous wins in Barcelona, in 2014 and 2017, Hamilton went on to seize the title..

Somehow, it doesn feel right to simply post my work without paying respect to those who inspired me from the very beggining. You may read this list and think, but their works mark the milestones and changes in my life. These are the words that stirred my imagination Hughes was a huge influence.

On the 16th hole, the world No 1’s near perfect tee shot took him to withinfive yards of another birdie and, with it, another ominous step towards the clustered ranks of early contenders. He misjudged the resulting putt so spectacularly that it trickled past the hole and more than 40ft down the slope. For a moment, it almost threatened to disappear into the water..

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